Smart City solution

Flextila.com – a space management service – enables space optimization and effective use of meeting rooms, non-bookable spaces, collaborative spaces, storages, parking slots etc. Flextila service connects the space owners with space users even for a short period of time. Flextila service enables new way of working: mobility and remote working, and tailored smart solutions to our partners and customers – both in communal and in private sector.

Flextila.com is a scalable and intelligent space management platform which can be integrated into various open data interface systems. Flextila.com platform includes reservation calendar and management of reservations, safety payment through Paytrail, and access control system. Currently, three different smart locks are integrated into the platform which enable easy access to the space – without using a traditional physical key. Furthermore, the service can be “White Labelled”.

Flextila.com responds to the trend of sharing economy, enables the space owners to create positive image for themselves through space sharing, and naturally supports them to get revenue from their unused spaces. On the other hand, for those who search for the space – freelancers, remote workers, startups, societies – there is an easy access to reserve the space only for the period of time needed.

The company’s ambition

The way of working has changed during the past years. Companies reduce their office spaces, and remote working is supported. Furthermore, collaborative spaces connecting various kinds of companies, are more and more desired and needed. School and day care premises are used only for the daytime leaving the spaces unused during evenings, weekends and holidays. Consequently, cities, municipalities and private real estate owners have a lot of extra unused space.

Citizens constantly need spaces to come together for work, hobbies and other activities. The interest for a space may be occasional and for a short term only. The need for long term rental agreements has reduced.

Flextila.com service responds to various global megatrends e.g. the sharing economy, sustainable consumption, and energy efficiency. Furthermore, the terms “Sharing spaces”, “Coworking” and “Office as a Service” are also used globally, and Flextila service provides resource wise solutions both to the space owners as well as to the space users.

Flextila is a participant of Helsinki Forum Virium “Flexible working spaces” project. The target of the project is to find modern ways to use spaces flexibly in urban areas. Key topics of the project are digitalization, urbanization, strengthening social connections between citizens, businesses and cities.

Flextila service supports experimentation, enables flexible space management, and consequently supports the evolving of smart cities.


Kirsi Hulkkonen 
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