Gjøvik municipality

Smart City solution

Businesses in Gjøvik provide world-leading solutions for:

Cybersecurity – Biometric authentication
The municipality of Gjøvik is the home of Norway’s largest hub for research and knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. The Norwegian Cyber Defense, NTNU, NorSIS, CSIS, Kommune-CSIRT and others are all located in or near the city. This enables the creation of some exciting new solutions, especially in the field of biometric authentication.
Mobai: https://www.mobai.bio/
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norwegian Biometrics Laboratory: https://www.ntnu.edu/nbl#/view/about

Smart snow removal systems – Norwegian Snow How
Situated in the heart of snowy inland Norway, the region boasts a high-tech industry for modern, computer guided and self-driving snow removal solutions. Citizen- and user-centric apps for service information and feedback is an essential part of the ecosystem.
Øveraasen Snowremoval Systems: https://overaasen.no/en
Tokvam: https://tokvam.no/en/
Smart vinterveg (Innovation Partnership project): https://www.smartemjosbyer.no/

Sustainable contruction sites
Building contruction is responsible for over 30 % of the world’s carbon emmisions. By using sustainable building materials, smart transport and electricity powered contruction machines, Gjøvik municipality was able to reduce the CO2-footprint of our newest build by 67 %.
Betonmast: https://www.betonmast.no/prosjekter/biri-omsorgssenter/
Norwegian Environment Agency: https://www.miljodirektoratet.no/ansvarsomrader/klima/for-myndigheter/kutte-utslipp-av-klimagasser/klimasats/2017/fossilfri-anleggsdrift-i-grisgrendte-strok/

City goals / challenges

Test and implement new solutions and services in cooperation with citizens, businesses and educational institutions.

Building public opinion and profiling
Increased visibility for Gjøvik municipality, local businesses and local academic institutions.

Attitude changes
Disseminate knowledge and increase awareness with citizens and employees about sustainable behavior, better health and increased quality of life.

Sharing, learning, dissemination
Open up and share collected data. Exchange experiences and build competencies with other stakeholders and partners such as municipalities, NGOs, businesses and educational institutions.

Interdisciplinarity across silos
Ensure cooperation and competence building across the municipal organization to increase productivity.


Pål Godard - Smart City Programme Manager
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