Greater Stavanger


Smart City solution

We represent 16 municipalities and Rogaland County Council in the Greater Stavanger region.

Greater Stavanger is a hub for business development in the Stavanger region. We work with communities in research, government and industry – locally, nationally and internationally, to create the best possible conditions for long-term economic growth in the region. Greater Stavanger is a partnership between 16 municipalities and Rogaland County Council.

Greater Stavanger is proud partner with H2020 project Triangulum, Nordic Edge Expo and Smart City Innovation Cluster.

Stavanger Smart Region is an initiative from Greater Stavanger, in cooperation with the Stavanger Region’s European Office, to establish an arena for regional partners for the exchange of expertise, innovating across the borders of the municipalities with the aim of creating the best conditions for economic development.

City goals / challenges

As an organization representing 16 municipalities and the Rogaland County Council, our goal is to create economic development in the region based on the smart city challenges.


Sofie-Amalie Høxbroe Sandstøl,  
Opportunity Manager- Communication & Marketing

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