Smart City solution

Greinon offers ultra-light wirelessly controlled hardware modules that can be easily built into different parts of city infrastructure, in order to turn them into smart city objects. The solution can be used for various applications like lighting fixtures, trash containers, bus stops, traffic lights. The parts of infrastructure equipped with Greinon’s modules create a city-wide low power wireless mesh network to optimize the use of resources (e.g. energy, human inspection) and allow enhanced city management.

The hardware modules are equipped with software that allows the system owner to supervise, monitor and control various functions in the city remotely and in real time. The software is also modular, and can be easily adapted to perfectly fit the demand of particular city/installation. It may, for example, include a statistical tool that visualises the environmental impact of various city elements (CO2 emission from traffic, energy consumption by lighting, etc.), or it may collect and analyse the information of the traffic load and types of traffic participants.

The company’s ambition

Greinon has achieved considerable presence with test installations / test-beds in Nordic region. The goal for participation is to meet:

  • Industry and market actors that are interested to learn of the results of our system’s tests, and will consider implementing the solution commercially together.
  • Marketing and distribution partners across Europe. Such actors may include, for example, lighting manufacturers and distributors, utility companies, technical service providers to municipalities.
  • Collaboration possibilities in respect of joint development and ownership are also of interest.

Serdar Köse
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