Smart City solution

  • IoT Cityhub – Local infrastructure of long range sensors connecting the city (we have also launched this service on a national level which makes it easier for cities to share IoT-solutions)
  • Waste collection on demand – Fewer transports, less waste and happier customers from IoT-innovation. Together with a local company, we are testing waste collection on demand. The result of the test is halved pick up frequency and more satisfied customers. The testing will be scaled up from 250 to 4000 households this year (2019).
  • The vision fund – How the city of Helsingborg funds citizens projects for a better city. Anyone world wide can apply for money, as long as the project will be beneficial for the citizens of Helsingborg.
  • Lifesaving IoT – Connected lifebuoys for a safer city. An alarm will tell us when the lifebuoy is not at it’s place anymore and we can act (and not have to send people to see if it is there if the alarm doesn’t go off).
  • Three pipes sewer system – Circular sewer system separating waste at the source. Grey water (shower, laundry), black water (toilet) and food waste (food grinder in the kitchen sink) turns into biogas and natural fertilizer at the same time as it saves energy.
  • Drottninghög – How the transformation of a residential district started with a cup of coffee. We are transforming together with the citizens.
  • Vera Park – an innovative industrial park where academia, businesses and the local government work together to make the most out of the resources already extracted by creating circular flows. This can involve finding business models for reuse, finding new user areas for waste and/or developing brand new products. For example:
    • Chip boards with alternative fossil-free binders instead of formaldehyde has been developed.
    • Household plastic is converted into railway slipers.
City goals
  • To become one of Europe´s most innovative cities in 2022
  • To reach zero waste in 2030
  • To build a tunnel between Elsinore (Denmark) and Helsingborg (Sweden)
  • Creating the most modern port in the Nordic countries
  • In 2025 our local housing company Helsingborgshem will not offer places to live but quality of life.
  • In 2025 our energy company Öresundskraft will sell free energy
  • Addressing social isolation
  • Improving employee and employer matching
  • More young and elderly citizens
  • Increased risk of flooding

Kristin Engholm
Project Manager H22
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