About the network

Innovation Network for Environmental Technologies’ (Inno-MT) goal is to promote environmental technology innovation in the Danish environmental technology sector, with particular focus on increasing exports, growth and employment in Danish SMEs.

Inno-MT works to promote innovation of new solutions and services across our four focus areas of Soil resources and nutrient cycling, Clean air technology, Efficient resource use and Water treatment and water supply. This is achieved through internationalization, international projects, matchmaking, knowledge sharing, and entrepreneurship activities.

The founders of Inno-MT comprise of:

Inno-MT was formed in December 2010 with a 14 million DKK fund from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. In 2018 Inno-MT received funds to continue the work until 2020. Inno-MT’s secretariat is located at CLEAN in the center of Copenhagen, in order to provide the best services for our members.

The networks’s ambition

In a internationalization aspect, the goal is to promote environmental technology innovations by Danish SME’s to support increasing exports, growth and employment. The international projects are assisting the SMEs to relevant platforms for establishing innovative international partnership and sustainability business opportunities(technological solutions that solves sustainability challenges). Current Inno-MT international project activities with collaboration partners in China, Singapore, Holland and Israel.


Morten Kildahl Sorensen
Chief Project Leader
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