Jalonne Oy

Smart City solution

We enable smartphones to acquire photos and motion data. They offer unbeatable quality/price ratio for the required instrumentation, have an inherent data link, and facilitate limited crowd-sourcing (see below). The data is sent to our cloud, where we anonymise it and analyse it with inertial computation and machine vision techniques. The conclusions are estimates of road quality, driving conditions, and defects. A web UI provides the user access to the conclusions and the photos in order to assess and plan the required maintenance operations.

The company’s ambition

We offer ability to monitor and document the road network condition with significantly reduced driving overhead: the smartphones are cheap and easy-to-use, and can therefore be carried by drivers that drive on the roads anyway – post, taxis, waste cars etc.


Saku Suuriniemi, Asser Lähdemäki
R&D Manager, Lead Developer
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