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Leanheat is an IoT solution that aims to decrease heating and maintenance expenses in residences and to make the business of district heating companies more profitable. Today Leanheat has been installed in 30,000 homes in Finland and the company is now extending its business throughout Europe.

Leanheat is run by a team of housing, software development and artificial intelligence professionals. Danfoss, a global supplier of energy-efficient and climate-friendly solutions for selected industries, invested in the company in 2016.

Traditional heating systems fail to adjust to changing weather or the thermodynamic properties of the building. This results in overheating and poor indoor conditions. At the same time, heating systems are inadequately balanced in up to 75% of multifamily buildings. With Leanheat, You can save 10–20% of a typical building’s energy cost. Sensors installed in apartments enable Leanheat’s artificial intelligence to learn the building’s thermodynamic behaviour and to optimally control the HVAC system. Heating is always optimized regardless of changes in weather or in the building’s properties, which change as it ages. Together with proactive fine-tunings Leanheat provides permanent energy efficiency to all multifamily buildings.

Humidity problems in apartments may result in structural damage that is expensive to repair. Likewise, malfunctions of the heating system should be fixed before anything actually breaks down. Leanheat creates up to 30% savings in technical maintenance costs for buildings by providing accurate predictive problem detection. The AI-based control automates technical maintenance tasks while minimizing failures, repair times and site visits. With Leanheat, you can send the right team with the right tools to fix a specific problem with no need for extra measurements or analysis.

The company’s ambition

Around 10-15% of all consumed energy in EU is for heating the buildings. Buildings are high energy consumers and in many colder geographies heating expenses account for a significant amount of all running costs. The current heating systems of EU older buildings are very inefficient and the heating expenses exponentially higher. According to European Commission (EC), the older buildings need about 5-10 times more heating oil per square meter, than the newer buildings

With Leanheat district heating costs are cut by decreasing peak power, avoiding unnecessary overheating and balancing heating more accurately between residences. Proactive artificial intelligence heats the residences in anticipation of the peak moment and, respectively, decreases heating power when hot water is requiring more power. The service also adjusts heating in residences based on real detected indoor temperatures and weather predictions. By using the service, housing companies are able to improve indoor air quality, save money and make housing maintenance easier. Residents can enjoy a more stable indoor air temperature and follow and participate in the management of their own indoor air quality.

Leanheat is energy efficiency product and service suitable to retrofit to most building stock with good TCO and low perceived risks. To lower perceived risks, Leanheat offers the building both the product to save energy and the service to ensure that the saving is reached each year without undermining end-user satisfaction.Following performance targets have been achieved:

  • Lower heating energy consumption by 10-20%
  • Reduction in technical maintenance cost by 30% and repair cost by 5%
  • Improved indoors climate and its control

Vesa Jaakkola
VP International Sales

+358 40 522 2274


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