Smart City solution

Leapcraft has created a high-quality sensor with a unique design. We have had a high focus on creating a sensor of high quality while maintaining a very elegant and efficient design. Thus, with a good design and only the need of a power connection we have made it possible for cities to measure air quality street by street without interfering with the visual experience of the city. With our sensor, it has become possible and easy for cities to offer citizens a mapping of the air quality in their local neighborhood.
The design integrated a radically new approach in science to make a compact and high quality sensor. We can provide you with data for your compliance to EU air quality directives with our simple to use, plug & play air quality sensor. Leapcraft has its own cloud solution which all sensors connect to. We provide a dashboard including both real-time data and historic data giving cities various possibilities of monitoring and analyzing their air quality.
Leapcraft offer sensing as a service. We run a cloud based subscription and provide matched hardware and access to a dashboard with both historical and real-time data giving customers deep insights. We run a fully managed service that includes various value addition like calibration, benchmark data and EU standards for additional revenues.

The company’s ambition

We want to make cities livable and breathable – by offering a highly scalable and efficient “Sensing as a Service” platform for environmental challenges. According to WHO, 4.3 million people a year die prematurely from illness attributable to the air pollution.

A bulk of this comes from road traffic and industrial emissions. We are on a mission to change this by making it pos-sible to measure and modulate the air quality and showing the factors responsible. We want to be market leaders in environmental sensing needs for cities worldwide. The market potential is huge and we want a disrupt it with an end to end service model and affordable technology.


Anne Cecilie Duus Kühnel
Operations Manager
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