Smart City solution

Linc is a novel energy management infrastructure that drastically accelerates investment in clean and efficient energy systems for all building types. It is our mission to empower facility managers, energy consultants, and electric utilities with effective tools for electrical data analytics and control.

We do so by combining:

– Plug-and-play IoT hardware for real-time data acquisition and control.
– Ultra-low cost data infrastructure for data communications and analysis.
Machine-learning analytics to break energy usage down to individual appliances, and to provide very specific and actionable insights.

Linc has standardised its solution for rapid deployment and replicability across smart-cities. Our energy management solution has been integrated into the OASC framework standardised for over 140 municipalities around the world.

Linc is building a foundation for the smart-buildings, smart-grids, and smart-cities of the future.

The company’s ambition

Linc aims to solve two key challenges:

  • Low investment in energy efficiency. 75% of European buildings are inefficient – they were built before the first energy performance codes were written. These buildings consume 55% of all electricity, and contribute to 36% of all carbon emissions. Yet their renovation rate is stagnant at 1% per year, and the ESCO sector responsible for this necessary transition is growing at only 1.7% CAGR. Basic, low-resolution electricity meter data is failing to identify or justify ROI for efficiency retrofits. Linc solves this with novel hardware for spectral analysis and AI for appliance-level load disaggregation. We deliver highly targeted insights on retrofit options with accurate ROI estimations to incentivise action.
  • Renewables are not scaling. Balancing network demand with intermittent supply from renewables has posed challenges for utilities (resulting in roll-back of feed-in-tariff programs), and for building owners who are unable to sell their excess generation. This has resulted in poor ROI for investment in renewables. Linc enables grid-scale energy data management and control – allowing rapid deployment of community microgrids for real-time renewables trading and built-in controls for demand response and building automation – thus maximising renewable utilisation and ROI.

Pranay Krishen
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