Smart City solution

LOOP CITY – a strategic cooperation across administrative boundaries

The amount of private investments in LOOP CITY is assessed to be app. EUR 4.5 billion and furthermore, 36.500 new jobs are created and app. 32.000 new citizens will move to LOOP CITY in the coming years. In order to facilitate this development and meet the challenges, a strong political interest for cooperation across political and administrative boundaries was founded. To meet the challenges a new initiatives with a new cooperative governance structure was created and named LOOP CITY.

LOOP CITY is a unique organization in its governance structure and no equivalent organization exist.

The LOOP CITY organization was formed at the end of 2014 by the ten mayors and the political chairman of the Capital Region in Denmark on cooperation with the Danish Business Authority. The result is a strong partnership with a diverse range of strategic projects to realize this vision. LOOP CITY drives the shared challenges of their partners towards the goals and help the partners to develop and coordinate the chosen initiatives.

Examples include building mobility networks in cooperation with private companies, developing a large data hub with specific focus on real-time data solutions to help solving traffic congestion, to provide new mobility solutions and create mobility changes in people’s behavior. And last testing of autonomous minibuses for first and last mile along the coming light rail connecting the large area in a new way for the future – all projects supporting intelligent urban development with data driven innovation and solution and improves livability in LOOP CITY.

City goals / challenges

Copenhagen’s surrounding suburbs are facing challenges of increased congestion and a spread lack of growth and livability. The aim is to increase intelligent green collective transport and sustainable livability for the future. The construct of a new light rail system as a backbone for connecting the ten municipalities surrounding Copenhagen is a political vision for the future LOOP CITY.


Vibeke Linde-Strandby
City-strategic Manager

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