Smart City solution

MIXMOVE’s platform enable an open collaborative network multiple ecosystem partners, hubs and systems. MIXMOVE uses smart algorithms that run across logistics networks helping companies make real-time decisions to optimize resources and costs.

This in turn results in cheaper and cleaner transport and greater margins to both suppliers and logistic service providers.

Our city hub software has a proven track record of successfully supporting this type of operations. One of our clients run 16 hubs that supports 22 cities in Netherlands.

MIXMOVE provides all the execution management capabilities necessary to run a city distribution hub.Full TMS functionalities (managing pick-ups, deliveries and returns, dynamic route optimizer, mobility solutions, ETA, proof of delivery (sign on glass) and end to end visibility for all parties.) and cross-docking and consolidation of cargo to match the capacity of each vehicle (trucks, electrical vans, cargo bike.

By working smarter and more efficient, it is possible to minimize the number of vehicles inside city centers, resulting in less emissions and less traffic.

The company’s Ambition

MIXMOVE makes logistics smarter and greener.

Our flexible and independent cloud solution enables an open collaborative network across parties. It doesn’t require any significant resources or investments to existing infrastructure.

20% of all trucks on the road in Europe are empty, the rest are only filled half on average. The industry is lacking ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and collaboration, which is not a good use of resources nor sustainable.

Our goal is maximize capacity of every truck on the road by consolidating freight flows to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. For the environ–ment, it would mean a saving of 124 megatons of CO2 in Europe each year.

Our technology is currently running in 35 hubs across 20 countries in Europe. For our biggest client, 3M, our platform reduces their logistics cost by 35%, reduced emissions by 50% and saved 5M truck kms.



Knut Fredrik Ramstad


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