Smart City solution

Nordsense has created a complete end-to-end smart waste management solution. We optimize the waste collection process by monitoring container levels, applying advanced data analytics and predictions, and delivering need-based turn-by-turn navigation with spoken directions. Nordsense offers a unique, easy to use, efficient, cost-effective and scalable smart waste solution for cities, waste operators, and trash haulers. The Nordsense solution provides a positive environmental impact by reducing both the number of vehicles on the road and fuel consumption, as well as preventing unattractive and unsanitary overflowing bins.

Unlike offerings that require customers to purchase or rent expensive ‘smart bins’, Nordsense IoT-enabled sensors fit existing bins and containers of all sizes, from small city bins to large underground containers, saving both time and money. Software as-a-service (SaaS) pricing eliminates the capital expense and risk of replacing existing infrastructure; our smart waste management solutions are available for a low, flat monthly subscription fee, which includes all device-related costs.

We invite all attendees to visit us for live demonstrations that showcase how cities, municipalities and waste management companies worldwide use the Nordsense Smart Waste Management solution to keep the city streets clean, optimizing workloads and realizing big savings while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions, traffic congestion and citizen complaints.

The company’s ambition

IoT technology is revolutionizing how people work and live with environmentally friendly, networked devices powering the future of smart cities.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Nordsense tracks and diagnoses daily waste management workloads, uncovering trends and inefficiencies that result in streets littered with trash. Remote monitoring, intelligent routing and fleet management provide sanitation departments with real-time insights on ideal container placement to prevent bins from overflowing and course-correct routes to cut down on traffic congestion, minimizing fuel consumption, maintenance costs and carbon footprint.

Whether you represent a city, waste operator or organization that handles waste management, our system can help reducing your operational expenses by up to 50% while reducing your carbon footprint and improving workflows.


Ann Haugaard
Director of Sales, EMEA
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