Smart City solution

With Nordsense sensor-driven waste collection, routes are optimized based on needs and efficiency, reducing unsightly overflow, taxpayer burden, and environmental impact. When bins are emptied on an as-needed basis, cities can reduce the number of trash pickups by as much as 90 percent, which decreases cost and alleviates traffic in already congested areas, all while better servicing residents and the community.

With Nordsense technology, bins are equipped with sensors that give cities a real-time view of receptacle fill levels. Pickup routes can be changed and optimized based on a constant flow of data, allowing drivers to easily change course and ensure that individual garbage bins are emptied at exactly the right time.

The Nordsense smart waste collection system is quick and easy to deploy, requires no new infrastructure, and cities can immediately reap the benefits of lower trash management costs while alleviating the burden on taxpayers. Cities can now be smarter with taxpayer dollars, allowing them to better service the people who matter the most: their residents.

  • Real-time fill-level monitoring
  • Dynamic route optimization
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
The company’s ambition

Take the waste out of waste!

Millions of bins are overflowing each day and yet we have not been smarter about how we collect waste for decades. We are still adding more resources and a bigger fleet to manage mostly empty bins in order to avoid the overflows. It’s static, costly and bad for the environment

Nordsense is demonstrating that the technology is available to make a change on a large scale. And in order to make a serious change it should be scalable – easy to deploy and affordable at volume.

Come and have a talk with us about your waste collection challenges and we will show you how you can keep your city clean and provide better service, while reducing cost as well as air and noise pollution.


Dina Mathiasen
EU Business Development Manager
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