Smart City solution

Novalume is an innovative Danish company that is committed to delivering complete Smart City Lighting Solutions that fit municipalities’ needs in terms of energy-efficiency, savings, sustainability and Smart City infrastructure. Thanks to its “pay-as-you-save“ financial model and its collaboration with well-known financial institutions, Novalume provides solutions that can ensure a completely new LED lighting network, connect the city with Lumintell™ Smart City system and its IoT-ready network, collect Smart Data from sensors, and reduce the electricity costs and CO2 emissions of municipalities by up to 75%!


Several municipalities have already chosen the Novalume solution with the unique Danish Lumintell™ system. Join other cities around the world and start benefiting from a cost-effective Smart City lighting solution. Request a free demo or contact us today.


Projects in 2017-19: +20 municipalities

Project reference: Talca City, Chile with the installation of 27,000 LED luminaires + Lumintell™ system + Public Wi-Fi Network + financing.

The company’s ambition

With LED street lighting and Lumintell™, our unique and easy-to-use Smart City and Lighting Management System, we can reduce cities’ lighting energy consumption and carbon footprint by up to 75%. With the ability to incorporate data on everything from air quality and noise nuisance to bike counts and weather conditions, Lumintell™ is also a launchpad for all kinds of other environmental initiatives and Smart City applications.


With Novalume as your Smart City partner, you don’t have to go it alone. We are with you at every step of your green transition and transformation process, advising on smart systems, sensors and IoT, customizing your ‘pay-as-you-save’ payment plan, and delivering and installing your Smart City solution. Not only do we make going green the most advantageous financial model, we also make it easy. Request a free demo or contact us today.


Jakob Meiland Hansen
Chief Sales Officer
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