Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Smart City solution

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is the largest university in Norway located in Trondheim, the Norwegian technology capital. In addition to Trondheim, NTNU has regional campuses in the cities of Ålesund and Gjøvik. Key numbers:

  • 40 000 students (45 % women)
  • 6700 employees, 4300 in scientific positions (40 % women)
  • App. 350 doctoral degrees awarded yearly
  • 8 faculties and 56 departments
  • Cross-disciplinarity mandate from the government
  • The national university for technology
  • Educates 85 % of all Masters of technology and 95 % of all PhDs in technology in Norway
  • Half the student population outside the main profile, in social science and humanities

NTNU is host of 6 national centers of excellence (marine technology, cancer research, conservation biology, neuroscience, physics).

The University is partner in 14 national excellence centres for research-based innovation, hosting 6 of them (arctic technology, metal production, advanced structural analysis, ultrasound, subsea production and processing, innovation in the process industry).

NTNU Hosts or is core partner in 9 national research centres for environmental-friendly energy (hydropower technology, zero emission neighbourhoods, Carbon Capture Storage, bio-based fuels and energy, electricity distribution, energy efficient industry, solar cell technology, energy systems integration, and sustainable energy studies).

Goals / challenges

The cooperation with the University’s host city, Trondheim, has always been extensively.

The agreement, TRD 3.0, University-City Agreement formalize the cooperation between the university and the city, to transform the public sector, including innovation and digitalization. The Municipality of Trondheim and NTNU will provide the city and country with long term, strategic access to knowledge, expertise and technology for development of good sustainable societies. The project aims to become a national pilot project and establish the municipality as a core partner in international knowledge and innovation networks, with extensive citizen engagement, vertical and horizontal integration between sectors and disciplines will promote research, education and innovation as a responsibility for each director in the municipality, to solve complex social and technological societal challenges. NTNU represented by the Faculty of Architecture and design coordinates  the project “URBAN-EU-CHINA Innovation Platform on Sustainable Urbanisation” 12 experienced European and Chinese consortium partners from across the sustainable urbanisation value chain join forces to support the European Commission in its aim to make EU-China sustainable urbanisation cooperation more accessible, attractive, and rewarding for a broader set of stakeholders.

Prof., Dr. Annemie Wyckmans
Head of NTNU Smart Sustainable Cities
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