Smart City solution

We offer turnkey solutions for Smart City System with the main focus being smart street lighting and outdoors (public) lighting in general. Using state of the art sensor and communications technology, we aim to increase the energy efficiency and reduce the operating costs related to city infrastructure. Opacity actively supports open and non-proprietary standards. For our customers, this means more flexibility, easy integration with 3rd party solutions, and less risk of vendor locking.

Besides smart lighting, Opacity offers a wide range of hardware, software and turnkey solutions within wireless communications, secure connectivity, security surveillance systems, motion sensors, environmental sensors, parking sensors, energy metering and centralized asset management systems.

The core services we offer are system integrations, ICT related project management and planning, and technical support.

The company’s ambition

Our turnkey solutions for smart cities allows for

  • Light on Demand application
  • Improved asset management
  • Accurate and timely information that leads to better decisions
  • Local support before,during, and after system implementations
  • Decreased energy consumption and operational costs
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Decreased CO2 emissions and light pollution
  • Improved public safety of public areas

Johannes Wergeland
Managing Director
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