Smart City solution

Pilaster Oy is a Finnish company that specializes in the development and rollout of innovative and energy efficient building engineering solutions.

The Pilaster solution is a breakthrough in building modernization that can be adapted to meet the needs of renovation, new build and extension projects. It consists of specialized modules that can be combined to boost the energy efficiency and residential comfort of properties without the need to tear down walls or evacuate residents during the renovation.

Unlike conventional approaches to building modernization, the Pilaster solution shifts the focus from interior to exterior. Thanks to an innovative duct installed on the wall of the building, you can refit piping and electrical cabling from the outside in, while minimizing costly ‘demolition’ work and need to rebuild surfaces.

You can also install a heating pump system for individual apartments in the duct, which enables residents to live like private home owners. Now you have complete control over your home environment, whether it be energy consumption, air quality or ambient temperature.

The Pilaster solution includes a system control module that can integrated with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance services.

Pilaster – the future is outside the building

The company’s ambition

The Pilaster solution meets the challenges of building modernization on several fronts:

Improves energy efficiency – a modern heating pump system can be installed for individual apartments via an external duct mounted on the exterior of the building

Enhances living comfort – building residents enjoy the benefits of a healthier living environment thanks to a comprehensive ventilation upgrade and environmental control system

Minimizes unwanted disruption – piping and electrical cabling can be refitted from the outside in, thereby minimizing costly demolition work and need to rebuild surfaces

Increases property value – cost efficiency and property value growth are built into every stage of the solution, thereby ensuring the modernization project is economically sustainable from start to future

Makes your home smarter and safer – an advanced control module connects your home to 24/7 maintenance and security services. Easy-to-access wiring ducts also allow you to upgrade home connectivity and lighting without you having to move out.

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