Smart City solution

Ramboll is a leading international engineering, design and consultancy company with 13,000 experts across 35 countries.

Ramboll takes a Nordic perspective on the development of cities. We have a strategic and citizen-focused approach to creating smart and liveable cities and we work to help facilitate sustainable growth for some of the world’s largest cities including Singapore, London, San Francisco, New York and Jeddah – as well as the Nordic capitals.

While we see smart technology as the key enabler for achieving highly efficient and liveable cities, this technology can only create value when applied smartly in order to fulfil the needs of citizens and support cities’ development strategies.

That’s why at Ramboll we combine our expertise within digital technology and technical engineering design with our expertise in urban development strategy and planning, stakeholder management and governance to provide a complete smart city service that creates real value for people.

For cities to become successful smart cities, citizen engagement is essential. A city’s priority is to create the best possible conditions for its inhabitants. By engaging cities in smart city projects, Ramboll ensures that they are aligned with city strategy, and that cross-organisational stakeholders are closely involved. That is why we work with cities and public organisations on smart city projects before, during and after the implementation of smart technology to ensure effective and sustainable smart city solutions for our clients.

Involving private companies is also essential in the successful implementation of smart city strategies, as cities create the platforms for projects by both public and private organisations as well as local associations and citizens.

Ramboll has developed many smart concepts within a wide variety of sectors including integrated energy, water, resilience, waste management, urban development, transportation and mobility, as well as buildings infrastructure.

The company’s ambition

Ramboll’s approach to smart cities and our broad expertise within multiple disciplines and sectors can help cities overcome a wide variety of challenges relating to climate change, traffic congestion, pollution, and energy supply. In addition to technical solutions, Ramboll provides qualified consultancy services to city authorities to inform decisions relating to strategic, planning or organisational challenges.


Tuomas Lehteinen
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