Smart City solution

Sitowise is an expert company in building and infrastructure construction with 1,200 employees in Finland, Norway, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. We provide our customers with all planning, design, expert and digital services for construction projects under one roof.

We help cities and infrastructure owners to gain cost-efficiency by digitalizing urban planning, construction and maintenance.

We help cities to set up data infrastructures and 3D city models, which form a platform for smart city applications.

We develop value added solutions for smart cities, such as

  • virtual reality
  • augmented reality
  • lighting simulation
  • next gen building permitting
  • collaboration & collision detection in construction planning and alternative planning solutions
  •  3D cadastre
  • Simulations of wind, noise, light, flood etc.
  • Traffic and parking simulations
  • Utility management
  • Solar potential studies
  • 5G network simulations
  • Emergency planning
  • Visibility studies
Company’s ambition

Managing urbanization with relevant spatial data and creating new value added services on top of BIM. Sitowise provides highly visual and cost efficiency way for sketching and simulating information models in 3D virtual environment.



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