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Smart City solution

Ledi is a citizen service for booking public spaces.

With Ledi, cities and municipalities have the opportunity to make public buildings available to their local community. It offers a centralised platform, connecting the local government, public building owners and citizens. Ledi is accessible through a web app and encompasses the entire booking process from search to booking confirmation. Furthermore, our solution meets the WCAG 2.0, AA standard. Ledi allows volunteer groups, artists, young entrepreneurs, sport teams or other social communities to easily book rooms and arrange meetings or events.

Benefits for cities and municipalities:

Ledi lightens the administrative burden related to booking transactions for all parties, and allows sustainable energy usage and maintenance of public buildings due to user data insights. Moreover, providing free space to citizens positively stimulates communities and unleashes the potential of any dormant, yet vibrant community.

The company’s ambition

Ledi answers a combination of challenges cities and municipalities face today. On the one hand, local governments aim at digitalising public services and provide smart, state-of-the-art solutions to their citizens, and on the other hand, urban population is steadily growing which leads to a scarcity of living and free public spaces in cities.

This increasing demand for free public space remains unanswered. At the same time, public buildings such as schools, gyms, town halls and libraries provide rooms and spaces which remain empty or are not being used sufficiently due to a lack of accessibility and non-transparent booking processes. This causes administrational expenses, energy waste and high maintenance cost per user of the individual public building.


Lisa Maurer
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