Smart City Cluster Denmark

About the network

Smart City Cluster Denmark is a new Danish innovation network, that creates a collected setting for the many companies, research environments, cities and projects in Denmark, that work with the digitalization of cities and communities.

The innovation network will focus on three areas:

Horizontal infrastructure: ensuring of horizontal digital prerequisites for value-adding implementing. This includes data management, interoperability between solutions and management of security/privacy, among others.

Testing and demonstration: coordination and promotion of Living Labs, tests, demonstrations and pilot projects in collaboration between the public and private sector with focus on making it easy for companies to participate in and go from test to scaling and implementing.

Anchoring: coordination and promotion of activities that promote anchoring and scaling in the municipalities. This includes standards, tenders, business models and public-private innovative cooperation among others.

Furthermore, the network will arrange activities like events and workshops for the members where focus will be on matchmaking, development of skills in SMEs and internationalization.

In 2019 Smart City Cluster Denmark also published an analysis that present the growth potentials for the Smart City sector in Denmark. The analysis shows that the possibilities for the market are great: in 2025 there can be up to 52.800 smart jobs in Denmark which is 35.200 more than today. The analysis was made by DAMVAD Analytics.

The network is financed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and is run by

Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Technical University of Denmark, FORCE Technology, Danish Lighting Centre and Gate 21. The secretariat is run by Gate 21, a partner organization that for the past 10 years have united the demands of the municipalities, the solutions of companies and the knowledge of researchers to develop innovative solutions that accelerate the green transition.

The network’s ambition

The goal of the network is to create a platform where companies can access knowledge, market and international views on Smart City activities.

In Denmark we manage to create cities and communities that are both sustainable and liveable. But to stay in front of the accelerating global Smart City agenda we need to combine the Danish strongholds within digitalization, urban development, design and sustainability.

In Smart City Cluster Denmark, we bring together businesses, cities and knowledge institutions to take the step from testing and developing to scaling and implementing digital urban solutions. Danish SMEs who understand and know how to position themselves strategically in this development will have a strong position when it comes to contributing in the global Smart City market.

The innovation network started in 2019. It is free to join – you can sign up at our website. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.


Jacob Lundgaard
Head of Secretariat
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