Smart City solution

Tampere.Finland application

This application serves residents and visitors by providing an easy way to access to information about services in Tampere. The application includes digital library card, discounts on various shops, public transport routes and timetables and information on events and attractions. It offers a way to participate and influence and to bring various city led projects closer to the residents. The carbon footprint counter is the newest addition.

Smart City Test Area

A test area where companies can test and develop various smart transport solutions is being developed in Hervanta area, Tampere, Finland. The purpose is to enable the testing of highly automated mobility, meaning that the vehicle travels independently without a driver and automation takes care of controlling and steering the vehicle.

The Hervanta Digital Twin

The goal was to create high quality Digital Twin for the Hervanta autonomous vehicle test site and facilitate 3rd party stakeholders with access to data. A Digital Twin is an ideal tool to communicate project results and goals to the public and use for communication between stakeholders. The Digital Twin aims to improve safety and reduce costs of traditional testing methods in autonomous driving studies.

Open Tampere

An important element of the Open Tampere program is that from an economic standpoint open data will provide new business opportunities for the companies. As a result of the Open data program, the city of Tampere has opened a significant number of data sets. Open Data sets range from housing, local government, maps, culture and recreation, traffic and tourism, education, built environment, economy and taxation, health and social services, jobs and industries, population statistics, environment and nature.

City goals / challenges

The City of Tampere is a bold pioneer in smart city development. Over the last 10 years Tampere has put significant effort in creating smart city ecosystems and platforms and digitizing city services. The results have been achieved by close collaboration between the public sector, private sector, Universities and research institutes.

Smart Tampere creates new solutions for a smarter city together with businesses, research institutes and citizens. We promote digitalization, business ecosystems and sustainable development by producing digital services to facilitate daily life, increasing wellbeing, safety and security. All this with supporting the vision of being a carbon-neutral city by 2030.

We aim to further the reform and growth of Tampere Region companies – through ecosystems. We create possibilities for companies to create new solutions in order to respond to the needs of the city and its residents, and offer city districts as a platform for companies and research institutions to test new solutions.  Tampere is an attractive center of knowhow, our expertise includes ICT, smart machines and manufacturing, energy and circular economy, media, health technology and nanotechnology.


Merja Maijala - Project manager
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