Smart City solution

Almost all organizations and businesses handle personal data. With GDPR, the attention of personal data exploded. Many process personal data based upon a consent from the subject. However – even before GDPR – there was a need for getting a consent before one could process personal data.

TRAQ provides a solution for consent management, which enables your organization to be compliant in terms of consent management – but also to offer your customers a better customer experience. After all, it’s their data.

The company’s ambition

Traqs ambition is to deliver the de facto standard solution for how consents are stored and managed. We solve this core problem with our solution. It is no longer a tick in the box. A consent is basically a contract between two or more parties, and its purpose is to regulate why, when and what the parts can do with the personal data. A contract builds trust, and trust build relationships.

Knut Magnus Aasli
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