TRD 3.0 – Trondheim university-municipality

Smart City solution

Through giving mutual access between NTNU and Trondheim municipality, our goal is to build structures and practice, akin to how university hospitals function within the five identified strategic areas. TRD 3.0 has hired five project managers, these positions are shared between the university and Trondheim municipality. The project managers are responsible for developing a strategy, identify common projects, facilitate communication and collaboration within their strategic area.

The project will have concrete KPI´s based on UN SDG`s to enable us to track progress in a meaningful way.

Trondheim municipality and NTNU has like many other cities that host a university had a history of collaborating, however this has been fragmented and within silos both in the municipality and the university. By institutionalizing the collaboration and giving employees in both organizations clear entry points, we aim to structure and bring collaboration to a higher level. Working on concrete common projects with citizen participation is key to achieve our ambitions to become a smart sustainable city. We will become much more active in national and European research and innovation funding schemes and have already succeeded in becoming a H2020 SCC1 – lighthouse city, UN SDG center of excellence, and aim to use international collaboration to further develop TRD 3.0.

TRD 3.0 is a partnership between Trondheim Municipality and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

In this partnership we aim to change the way the city and the university operate by providing the best knowledge and practice to all stakeholders, from the city inhabitants to decision makers. And in this way make Trondheim a smart and sustainable city.

By making the city accessible for researchers and students as a living lab, we aim to develop new knowledge, competency and technology within five identified strategic areas: city development, smart sustainable cities, youth and education, health and wellbeing and digitalization.

The public sector must gain better access to the latest knowledge, technology and practice to meet future challenges. To accomplish this we will establish an arena for research based education, a program for life-long learning, relevant internships for students, city focused Ph.D. programmes. On top of this a strong collaboration commited to develop research and innovation based on the UN sustainability goals (SDG`s).

We aim to develop this as a replicable model for SDG driven university-city collaborations across Europe.









Kristian Mjøen / Arild Smolan

Project manager /Project coordinator

+47 982 177 557 /+47 913 76 675

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