Trondheim Municipality


Smart City solution

Trondheim cooperates with NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and SINTEF (the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia) in projects related to environment, urban development, public health and mobility.

Trondheim is in front in Norway in the field of Health technology (Health guard sensor technologies and smart systems).
Trondheim has developed an open and smart approach for re-framing public-sector identities and services in order to realize ambitious political objectives (innovation focused leadership programs, open data for everyone).

Trondheim operates as a living lab within ICT and Welfare Technology, Environmental and city development projects etc.

Trondheim has developed and adopted a Start-up strategy.

It is widely politically agreed that the municipality of Trondheim plays an important role as facilitator for Start-ups. An important factor is the role Trondheim municipality may have as a demanding purchaser and arena for testing new products and services. New ways of defining and delivering municipal services, through user-driven, open innovation. This will be a challenge for today’s management and governance model in the municipality, and demands that the municipality organization must be prepared to promote the entrepreneurial culture. The city has a large technologically oriented university, with a long and strong tradition of innovation and cooperation with the business community.

As part of the Start-up strategy a guide book is published¬†¬† ” Start-up Guide Trondheim – The Entrepreneur`s Handbook”

City goals / challenges

The goal is to improve quality of life for the citizen through more efficient services tailored to the needs of citizens. This means community involvement and interaction with other cities nationally and internationally, R & D environments, entrepreneurial environments, business and other social actors. Smart City work involves intensifying work with open municipalities, mobility, environmental initiatives, green innovation, smart procurement, public health / organizational development through comprehensive thinking and integrated service development.


Gerhard Dalen
Director of International Relations
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