Smart City solution

Vinka provides the brains for fleets. We help smart cities and smart transport companies to operate in more efficient and flexible ways.

Our Total Transport software platform can manage any on-demand and last-mile operations, including special needs transport, and aggregate different services to a single platform enabling more efficient and completely new transport service offerings.

Vinka’s unfair advantage is our experienced founder team with more than 100 years of domain expertise and a trail of market leading products.

Come to the Nordic Pavilion and find out how we have helped the City of Tampere to be the smartest city in Finland.

The company’s ambition

Cities, counties and other public authorities are responsible for numerous different on-demand transport tasks. These include special needs transport, community and school rides, home nursing and feeder and rural area transit to name a few. On top of these there are all kinds of goods and parcels to be delivered in order to keep the city and its services running.

These tasks are too often operated in isolated silos without proper control and planning.

Vinka Total Transport platform automates and optimizes any on-demand and last-mile delivery services and aggregates them to a single operation. Vinka helps breaking the operational silos with software and enables planning and executing the services more efficiently with high level of automation.

Vinka saves money and enables better and completely new mobility and logistics services to smart cities.


Peitsa Turvanen
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