Smart City solution

Novalume is an innovative Danish company that works toward greener and smarter lighting solutions for municipalities. They are committed to delivering complete Smart City lighting solutions with LED technology and IoT-ready network that drastically reduce the energy costs and CO2 emissions of its customers by up to 75%.

“Your energy savings pay for your Smart City upgrade“

Thanks to its collaboration with well-known financial institutions around the world and its ‘Pay-as-you-save’ financing model, Novalume offers a payment plan that makes investing in LED and Smart City technology pay for itself from day one.

Several municipalities have already chosen the Novalume solution with Lumintell™ Smart City. Join other visionary cities around the world and start benefiting from a new smart city lighting solution. Request a free demo or contact us today.

Project reference: Talca City, Chile with the installation of 27,000 LED luminaires + Lumintell™ Smart City + Public Wi-Fi.

The company’s ambition

Transforming street lighting into a network of smart devices makes cities more efficient, intelligent and sustainable. Our smart LED street lights with Lumintell™ Smart City System and IoT-ready network are the backbone of your Smart City.

Thanks to your new LED lighting infrastructure and LUMINTELL™ Smart City, you can connect your city, reduce significantly your energy consumption, CO2 emissions and maintenance costs (by up to 75%) and get smart data from sensors to manage your city more efficiently.

Via their tablet or smartphone, city leaders can now access quickly and easily a customized Smart City Dashboard to help them take data-driven decisions and improve public services. Whether their priority is sustainability, energy efficiency, savings or improving the quality of life of your citizens, LUMINTELL™ is the cost-effective solution for your Smart City. Learn more about Lumintell™ Smart City here:


Jakob Meiland Hansen
Chief Executive Officer

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