Smart City solution

Improve the buildings quality by monitoring your buildings temperature, carbon dioxide and humidity levels, and water or electricity consumption. Be in control of your building’s overall condition by controlling your buildings’ lighting, electricity consumption or air condition remotely. Prevent damages by getting warning for abnormalities and alarms from e.g. frozen water pipes, fire or break-ins.

Any connected vehicles like buses, excavators, trucks, etc. can be monitored remotely and fleet owners can be aware of machine utilization rate and condition.

Integrate your systems, such as buildings, traffic flow, security information, weather forecasts and city conditions to create new smart services for citizens.

Welcome to see our demo at Tampere City booth!

The company’s ambition

Wapice Ltd is digitalization partner for industrial companies. We help our customers transform into digital champions for creation a better future. Our competence ranges from electronics design over embedded software up to mobile and cloud based software solutions. We offer expertize in the areas of cross-platform systems, communications systems, monitoring systems, industrial web systems, commercialization and customized industrial software and tools. Currently our own product portfolio consists of three cloud based products IoT-Ticket, SUMMIUM and EcoReaction.


Mika Ranta-aho
Product Manager

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