Smart City solution

APInf offers APInf Cloud, which is a smart community platform which is built around API and API Economy concepts. APInf Cloud’s architecture is based on FIWARE’s Context Broker. APInf Cloud is fully open source and based on open standards like NGSI V2. APInf Oy contributed APInf’s API Management to FIWARE’s stack. APInf Cloud has MQTT Broker and REST API Gateway together FIWARE’s Context Broker. APInf Cloud is capable of directly connecting to sensors/IoT devices, static files and also collect manual input data and aggregate the data and expose it using REST API or MQTT or WebSocket end point. APIs exposed are with NGSI V2 standard so they are very interoperable and scalable.

APInf is gold member in FIWARE Foundation and an active contributor.

The company’s ambition

Cities can directly start using APInf Cloud to connect many data sources including legacy data and use them in the smart city applications. Cities can also invite private organizations to offer this platform to offer their data as the access to the data can be controlled based on the data owners access policy.

APInf Cloud is out of the box solution for cities trying to build smart application based on the collection of data from various sources.

Cities can also connect to various data sources including data sources based on legacy static files and make the data available electronically by APIs so that smart applications can use that data.

Due to the fact that fully function API Management is included in the platform it is very easy to control the data access policies. All APIs exposed are NGSI V2 standard so it enables interoperability between platforms.


Chandra Challagonda

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