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Cityfier – Location finder for best real estate

Cityfier is a digital service to analyze and forecast the value increase of city districts under development. We use Master Plans to analyze locations of residents and workplaces together with predicted investment timing. Based on Urban Research Data we can assess the value increase of targeted investments. Our aim is to increase the capability for value-based decision making in new and emerging city regions for all stakeholders.

Cityfier is produced by AINS GROUP, which is a growing international expert in construction management and design. We have vast experience in the successful management and design of demanding large-scale infrastructure and construction projects. We have globally leading expertise in selected fields such as nuclear waste management, new contract forms such as alliance project and the management of life cycle information and BIM. We excel at even the most demanding projects by combining our 50 years of experience with the latest technology and expertise.

The company’s ambition


Predictions concerning finding optimal future locations of real estate is difficult and time consuming. Data of available potential plots is scattered. There area multiple online existing commercial property search and analysis tools available, but all prospects and estimations of locations long term value increase is based on professional opinions and political decisions with no real data-analysis.


With Cityfier you are able to find potential site and development project in seconds. By choosing the selected area from map you can analyze the value increase and make a investment scenario online. With Cityfier you are able analyze available master plans and measure your own scenarios in relation to local Urban Research Data and understand the value of real estate based on location.

Cityfier is 1st Prize Award Winning Solution at Slush 2017 Smart City India BizHack –competition


Jukka Kettunen
Head of Urban and Real Estate Development

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