Smart City solution

We offer several digital services for buildings such on same platform as:

  • Smart Heating control according to weather forecast
  • Heating control based on smart thermostats
  • Supply/Demand management for district heating
  • Remote controlling the district heating controller
  • Compensation for heating systems based on inside temperature
  • Indoor air quality Monitoring (e.g. Temp, Humidity, CO2, TVOC, presence, particles PM2,5 and PM10)
  • HVAC control according to the air pressure difference of building inside/outside
  • Remote monitoring of the main tap water meter
  • Remote monitoring of the apartment tap water meters
  • Remote monitoring the electricity consumption and power of the building
  • Heat pump remote monitoring
  • 2-way district heating
The company’s ambition

Enermix offers digitalization solutions and services to two customer segments:
1) Companies wishing to provide digital services to their customers such as Energy utilities, Telecomproviders, insurance companies, manufacturers

2) Property owners who can use digital services to save on energy costs and / or improve the quality of living and / or extend the lifespan of their properties.

Enermix digital solutions and services are cost-effective, scalable and technology-independent based on innovative eco-system/platform that can deliver competitive advantage to customer now and in the future. Service can be based on customer own brand (white label).

Services are easy to purchase and understand. We do not offer just “one specific service” as most of our competitors, we rather offer comprehensive eco-system that has many features built-in.

With our solution City can build own, future-proof eco-system for digital services.


Janne Heinonen

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