Nordic Edge

Smart City solution

Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster is very interested in teaming up with more Smart City players from the Nordics and beyond, to help us accelerate the business effects in this sector, by initiating project collaboration and by establishing arenas where the public and private sector can come together to discuss new, innovative solutions to the urban challenges that all cities and communities will face in the coming years.

The company’s ambition

In just three years, Nordic Edge has established by far the largest Smart City event in the Nordics.

Nordic Edge is a non-profit corporation owned by private companies working in close cooperation with municipalities and city administrations to promote solutions for smarter cities and communities. Nordic Edge aims to be one of Europe´s most important arenas for knowledge exchange and inspiration to creators of smarter businesses, cities and societies. By bringing together the best thinkers and the best doers, Nordic Edge Expo will be a not-to-be missed arena for inspiration, insights, idea exchange and action.


Elisabeth Krey Jenssen
Project and Communications manager

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