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Smart Cities Norway / Smarte Byer Norge – Network is an informal network that gathers members from civil society, municipalities, startups, research, businesses and government agencies. With our 150+ members, we are the largest Smart City network in Norway.

In order to succeed in developing a society that is smarter, more sustainable and more livable than today, we believe that interactions across public and private sectors and industries is crucial.

Our approach is that knowledge become more valuable when it is shared and that interesting things happens when people of different backgrounds work together.

Smarte Byer Norge AS drives and organises the network, as a CSR-activity. Our mission is to help accelerating smart city development in Norway.

We are also a consulting and advisory company that offers services for public authorities (cities, municipalities, regions, state agencies), companies, research institutes and academia, NGOs and others. Our services includes organising innovation events for municipalities like hackathon, ideathon. We also arrange smart city introduction courses to strategy and technical open data consulting.

The ambition

Norge skal bli best på løsninger for smarte byer! Vi velger å bli best på smarte byer innen utgangen av året, ikke fordi det er enkelt, men fordi det er vanskelig. Bærekraftsmålene, omstillingen fra olje, fortettingen til byene, kravet om et transparent og åpent samfunn er nøkkelord. Innbyggere i by og land går med en datamaskin i lomma og forventer at det skal være like lett å bruke kommunale tjenester som å handle på nettet.


Terje Christensen

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