Smart City solution

Electric heating, hot water, AC cooling, ventilation and other large appliances in our homes use most of our electricity. For most of us these appliances run at constant settings, not taking your needs into account and ignoring if you are at home or not. Tempiro keeps track of actual preferences through our app, reducing any unnecessary energy use based on your location, using cheap plug and play technology.

Smart control of electrical heating and cooling, today requires complex, high cost installation of 1 000 €/home. Tempiro is solving the problem of smart monitoring and control at 70% lower cost and the same time reducing energy cost by 20%.

Our smart connected fuses require just 5 minutes DIY installation allowing users to remotely control and schedule heating, cooling and other appliance use. The systems are connected to our cloud platform enabling advanced energy optimization.

Tempiro develops technology that will allow any fuse box, breaker box or distribution board to become connected, allowing remote optimization of energy and monitoring of actual usage.

Tempiro is delivering a complete solution, including a smart thermostat for heating and cooling, at the same time allowing control of any other hardwired appliance such as water boilers, pool heaters, lights and car chargers.

The company’s ambition

Tempiro provides 10-20% energy savings on electricity and can reschedule loads to off peak hours. The savings are achieved by controlling electrical loads in the homes of the consumers. The loads are controlled through Tempiro cloud solution, based on the customer preferences as input using the Tempiro app. As basis the customer inputs e.g. desired indoor temperature and also schedules the time the home is being used and when it is empty. The customer decides which appliances can be turned off when away from home. Tempiro cloud will collect data on energy market, availability of clean energy and decide when to activate and deactivate the customers heating, when to heat up hot water and e.g. turning off cooling to save energy when possible.

Trial results indicate 10-20% energy savings. A Scandinavian customer can save 1000 – 2000 kWh yearly.

Applying the same technology to a household with AC and fans would result in similar yearly savings per customer, but could scale to millions of people in countries where the power grids are prone to overload causing brownouts or reduce the need for investing in new distribution grids.


Magnus Lindström

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