Sharing Cities Sweden

Smart City solution

Sharing Cities Sweden aims to put Sweden on the map as a country that actively and critically works with the sharing economy in cities. The objectives of the program are to: 1. Develop world-leading test-beds for the sharing economy in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Umeå. 2. Develop a national node to significantly improve national and international cooperation and promote an exchange of experience on sharing cities.

The sharing services that will be developed in the test-beds will relate to 1) utilization of spaces (premises, housing, green infrastructure, shared public space etc.) and 2) utilization of goods and services (tools, clothing, toys, handicrafts, etc.). Transport and mobility are included to a certain extent.

Sharing services should contribute to reduced energy and climate impact and sustainable development, but also promote social sustainability in the city. The sharing services should be innovative and contribute to a wide range of different types of services within the program.

Program partners: Lund University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, City of Malmö, City of Umeå, and City of Göteborg.

Sharing Cities Sweden is carried out within Viable Cities, a Swedish strategic innovation program for smart and sustainable cities, which is jointly funded by VINNOVA, the Swedish Energy Agency and FORMAS.

The ambition

Through test-beds in Malmö, Gothenburg, Umeå and Stockholm, sharing services and digital solutions will be developed. The opportunities and risks of the sharing economy will be tested and evaluated. The test-beds will be supported by a national node for coordination, national learning and international exchange. The program will be conducted in collaboration with business, the public sector, civil society and academia. The aim is to strengthen Sweden’s work for global sustainability goals, and to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness by developing new services and companies for domestic and export markets.


Kes McCormick
Program Coordinator for Sharing Cities Sweden

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