Smart City solution

Waste management is becoming digital

At bintel, we want to be the brain of the waste management industry – the partner that helps you reach your environmental and financial goals. We believe that simplicity is the key to pro-fitable sustainability. Becoming smart should be a nice thing. That is why our advanced IoT so-lutions are easy to use on any waste bin and our advanced analytics tool will help you digitalize your waste management process and logistics.

Our team has extensive experience in the waste management industry. In other words, we are no strangers to the challenges you’re going through. We offer smart IoT solutions that level-up your waste management process.

· We can help you analyze your current waste logistics to get knowledge and insights to possible improvements making it possible for you to reach your environmental- or fi-nancial goals.

· We can help you improve your currect pick-up schedules based on sensor data

· We offer you a solution enabling you to work on-demand and data driven throughout your organization

The company’s ambition

Use data for business development Our IoT sensors provide data which is used to make analysis of the business. Based on the analysis, dif-ferent insights are gained and new areas for improvement within the business are identified. This leads to decisions about improvements, ie business development.

Examples of areas in business development for which data can be used:

• Optimize / improve logistics and waste management routes.

• Create more customized or new types of services, subscriptions, or pricing

• New criteria for purchasing and evaluation of subcontractors

• Marketing communication – communicate and give customers feedback on how well they sort waste. Operate and improve the sorting rate

• Reduce the amount of residual waste

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