Smart City solution

Our charging solution requires no cables. You charge while driving. Or when you’re parked. Doing the right thing shouldn’t make things more complex or inconvenient.
Elonroad is the e-Mobility start-up changing the way we charge all electric vehicles, on the road
while driving or when you are parked. Our full-service solution is packed with IoT sensors and
software for real-time interaction and feedback with the vehicles.
From the charging infrastructure to the metering system and parking chargers, we take care of
all the steps necessary to electrify the future of transportation and making the planet a bit better
while doing it!

The company’s ambition

Transports account for more than 25% of all CO2-emissions. At the same time, charging infrastructure is critical to make the shift to electrical vehicles. The size of the batteries is both expensive in todays vehicles, as well as less sustainable than using smaller batteries. Our charging rails eases that burden, allowing for batteries half the size in regular EVs, making electrical vehicles an option for more.
The solution Elonroad provides can be used from stationary charging in logistics, to electrifying transports in ports, as well as electrifying the highways of the world. We want to electrify all of transportation
and make fossil fuels a thing of the past!

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