Smart City solution

eParkly is a project of Aalto University, funded by the Finnish Government (Business Finland).

eParkly is a market place app for car parking. eParkly shows online the real-time availability info of all parking options nearby the parkers’ final destination. By its bidding functionality, eParkly enables pri-vate space owners as well as professional parking operators to compete which each other’s by their flexible parking tariffs, as do for example Airbnb for accommodation.

The company’s ambition

Customers as car drivers, i.e., parkers, looking for free and affordable parking space can see all options and hourly, already competed prices at once.

Parking operators have problem with the publicity and visibility of the flexible tariffs. For this reason, they hesitate to adopt the flexible tariffs in their operations. eParkly supports the flexible tariffs as a local policy in the whole city.

eParkly brings a new digital layer on top of existing parking infrastructure and parking market. Cities are willing to have a “parking hub” that would present the real-time availability data. eParkly offers that as a side product.


Kalle Toiskallio
Team member

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