Elias Robot

Smart City solution

Elias Robot changes the way of learning and teaching languages by using AI and robots. It al-lows children to practice speaking skills at school or at home, without the fear of failure. Elias Robot provides fun and interactive learning experiences and high quality learning mate-rials for students, and AI-assisted pedagogical support for teachers. Its benefits are scientifi-cally proven: fun and engagement, increased emotional safety and accessibility (Uni-versity of Tampere 2019). Elias Robot has been selected as a “Best-in-Class Remote Schooling solution” by IM-PACT EdTech accelerator and European Schoolnet, the network of European Ministries of Ed-ucation.

The company’s ambition

The only way to learn a new language is to speak it. However, in classrooms, students do not get a lot of opportunities to practice speaking, and are often set back by the fear of making mis-takes. Organizing speaking activities is time-consuming for the teachers, which may result in grammar-based and test-oriented teaching methods.

The pandemic has brought new challenges to language learning. Social distancing rules and distance learning periods can make it even more difficult to practice speaking skills. Also, moni-toring students’ progress can be challenging. There is a risk that weaker students will drop out.


Johanna Hemminki
CEO & Founder

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