Smart City solution

Citynomadi creates the smart city wayfinding to improve the traffic efficiency and to increase security in the dense and busy sites. The goal is to offer the opportunity to find the shortest way by walking, by riding city bike or e-scooter and choose the carbon neutral way of going instead of aprivate car.

Campus areas – 3D building models

Our reference in a campus area of Tampere, Finland: How to get from parking to the clinic just in five minutes – that’s reality with our wayfinding tool! The university hospital area of 3D model buildings enable to orientate within the complex area. The height of the objects as poles points out the landmarks for a clear navigation. Try out immediately the university hospital area navigation: and click the 3D icon.

Traffic hubs with wayfinding

Our reference in a traffic hub of Espoo, Finland: How to commute through a shopping mall from the metro station to a bus leaving within minutes? Get an accurate step-by-step information seamlessly indoors and outdoors. There’s also the accessible alternative guidance available. It will show the way
without stairs or obstacles. Try out immediately and choose your starting and destination point.

API feed for more information

The Citynomadi maps allows the visitors to check out the real time assisting data feed as well. They are able to choose the public transport on map through the API. If the visitor takes a private car, the map shows the nearest free parking through the IoT API feed.

SaaS service is handy

The efficient SaaS service with a number of features and API possibilities enables the city to create interactive and handy maps in a cost efficient and rapid way. The cities are independent to maintain and update. The data feed is real time and the maps give an accurate information for all the user segments!

Learn more!
Our company’s solution is a useful tool for campus areas, traffic hubs and industrial sites. Please get
introduced to our references by clicking through to our web site!

The company’s ambition

Citynomadi solves the problems of our customers which are connected to locating, guiding and real time map apperance. One of most important challenge is to create a carbon neutral city environment.

Carbon neutrality

The carbon neutrality objectives serves the new business which will be developed around it. The results will create a better living quality for the inhabitants.

IoT data feed

One example is the large educational and health care area of Oulu, Finland, one of the recent services. It will solve the problem of finding the way to a free parking house and from there to the right building in the area. The target is to stop the cruising around the area to find the best available parking and make the drivers plan their arrival. This will improve security and friendliness of the area.

Open source information for mobility and planning

There is also a countless number of bus stops with the real time public transport information. the area is a tru traffic hub with tens of thoudands visitors on the daily basis.

Vast data sets

Smart cities have also open source data sets that are valuable for both the employees, inhabitants and companies in the area. Our company visualises the information and also creates the interactivity for the data users on the map.

We have the ability to handle the vast data sets and help to both locate and find detailed data by the search engines. Data on our map interface can include open source and prioritised data, IoT feed and modified data via Citynomadi’s editor tool


Merja Taipaleenmäki 
CEO & Founder

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