Smart City solution

Electric micro mobility solutions in sharing.

In particular e-scooters, the most sustainable one, according to the last report by the International Forum for Transportation of the OECD, with its 5 years lifespan and the 93% of the parts recyclable, which make Voi Technology the first carbon neutral company in the e-scooter micro mobility sector.
Voi Technology works in close collaboration with the local administration in order to provide them with the safest service. Indeed we have been the one and only company of e-scooters in sharing to publish a safety report.
We also give our consultancy, as the number one European micro mobility company that operates in more than 70 cities in 11 countries, to develop safer parking solutions and programs to develop inclusion of our services.
Our services reduce the use of private cars in integration with public transport, which turns into a reduction in air and noise pollution.

The company’s ambition

We are committed to creating 15 minutes cities everywhere we operate with the efficiency of our operations.
We will benefit the health of the citizens with our carbon neutral operations and totally green logistics which are completely electric, using 100% renewable energy.
Also, our e-scooters have swappable batteries, which help us in reducing the traffic produced by our operations.
We are also committed to achieve the UN “Vision Zero” meaning to have almost zero fatal accidents on the streets by 2030. To do so, we have launched the first, and at the moment, one and only safety report by a company of e-scooters in sharing. We think parking is a matter of safety, so we developed different solutions for the diverse needs of each city. For instance, our parking racks have been developed in collaboration with the National Association of Blind people in the UK.
We are committed to give people back their spaces in the city by reducing the space dedicated to private cars: in terms of wideness of the streets and areas dedicated to car parkings. We can achieve this by working with public transport: a pilot project in Stuttgart showed an increase of +35% of use of the public transport among Voi users, once the parking racks have been located in front of the metropolitan railway stations.

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