Smart City solution

Univrses is a 3D Computer Vision and Machine Learning company creating and
delivering technologies for autonomous systems. The Company is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but we work with clients in various industries all over the world.

3DAI™ City is Univrses’ data collection and distribution platform, built to address the need for timely, relevant and actionable insights on urban and roadside environments.
Camera units, such as smartphones, are mounted in public service vehicles, such as taxis, buses, garbage trucks and other vehicles already operating in the city.

Raw data such as images and other sensor readings captured by the smartphone are processed on the edge using Univrses’ perception software, 3DAI™ Engine. This software, originally developed to give autonomous cars the ability to make sense of their surroundings, consists of computer vision and AI components that detect and map urban and roadside features. The processed data (made anonymous) is sent to Univrses’ dashboard to give meaningful, accurate and real-time insights about the environment. Insights that can be used for managing infrastructure, that enables datadriven decisions and that facilitates more efficient city management. 3DAI™ City serves as an effective tool for modern cities to solve real world problems, save money and, potentially, save lives.

The company’s ambition

Cities are growing at a rapid pace. In 2030, 60% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas. As urbanization accelerates and populations increase, opportunities as well as challenges await. Vehicles, people and countless construction works have to coexist in the ever-expanding city area. This means there is an urgent need for technological innovation to address evermore pressing challenges. Urban evolution is inevitable and the key to it is data. Univrses’ ambition is to empower cities and authorities with the timely, relevant and actionable data about their surroundings they really need.
From the constant flow of real-time data (made anonymous) about the urban environment accessed by 3DAI™ City, meaningful insights relevant to the successful functioning of a city can be derived. For example, 3DAI™ City provides an updated inventory of urban objects, such as traffic signs, in a cost-effective and scalable way. The platform also makes it possible to detect damage to infrastructure as well ongoing road works in real-time, which makes it easier for the city municipality to deploy resources more efficiently. Over time, the movement of vehicles and people can be measured, correlated and predicted. This can help reduce traffic congestion, prevent accidents, reduce pollution and localize crime hotspots.

Huge amounts of data as well as actionable insights are made accessible 24/7, simplyby deploying a smartphone on a vehicle that is already operating in the city. No special sensing vehicles adding congestion, cost and pollution needed.

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