Smart City solution

MyDataShare combines the goals of Open & Agile Smart Cities and MyData Global organizations into a product that directly benefits a city and especially its citizens. MyDataShare is a MyData Operator platform as defined in MyDataShare manages only identifiers and data access permissions and does not store the actual personal data. Nonetheless, MyDataShare can utilize personal data storage-styled services as data sources.

MyDataShare provides smart cities the means to embrace the human-centric MyData principles to transparently control access to personal data. Any kind of personal data processing or sharing from an external source can be brought under the operator’s umbrella. Only some of the processing taking place can be actively switched on or off by the individual’s action, as defined by the information processing basis for each processing request (ranging from consent to legal obligation). The citizens utilize the MyDataShare Wallet – an intuitive web application – to manage their permission requests and view audit trails.

The company’s ambition

In any urban community there are hundreds if not thousands of data-utilizing services without coherence or regard to the use of citizens’ data, often built using legacy tools and gear for non-digital processes. The implementation of the services may be too rigid to accommodate the changes in national or regional legislation. MyDataShare (MDS) as a MyData operator ensures lawful data use, it brokers requests to access personal data, as well as identities and authorizations of the involved organizations and people. MDS manages access to the data, it does not broker or store the actual personal data.

MyDataShare enables different kinds of use cases for smart cities. Based on the needs the cities can use the operator’s identity layer or handle the authentications itself with a federated solution. MyDataShare is an enabler for citizens to selectively allow access to their data to receive the service they need. MyDataShare can be used as a platform to store citizen’s permissions whether or not there is actual data connected to the permission. With the open-sourced Access Gateway, data sources can enable their data for permission with MyDataShare without the operator touching the actual data.


Mika Huhtamäki
Depty CEO & MyDAta Lead

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