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VTT Smart eFleet – Discover the synergy of fleet electrification VTT Smart eFleet makes it possible to design smart, reliable and cost-efficient transport systems for diverse oper-ational environments such as public transportation, freight and logistics or utility services. VTT Smart eFleet service:

· A system-level plan and a cost forecast for redesigning the transport system

· Analysed scenarios for zero-emission transportation to support the tendering of route electrification and the planning of charging infrastructure

· All plans compliant with the adopted policies and requirements at city level

VTT CityTune® – Discover the smartest paths to sustainable urban futures

Are you trying to figure out how to reach sustainability goals or how to plan and build smart and sustainable ur-ban environments? We know it is not an easy task in a rapidly changing environment with multiple stakeholders involved. VTT CityTune® is a machine-assisted decision-making service developed for that exact challenge.

VTT CityTune® uses system dynamic modelling, simulations combining data, analytics and qualitative methods as well as societal embedding, which enables you to:

· Make holistic and educated strategic decisions

· Define key factors and disclose the invisible in envisioning future scenarios or planning for desirable fu-tures

· Maximise the impact and minimise the risks of long- and short term decisions

· Drive growth and differentiate with new services that visualise what-if simulations, sensitivity analysis, complex systems and mental models

The company’s ambition

Five ways to build new business through science Benefits of partnering with VTT:

You can harness the full potential of your technology and innovation initiatives – Speed up your inno-vation process. Invest in the right development initiatives at the right time. Measure the effectiveness of your research and development efforts.

You can anticipate technological development and business trends – Identify and take charge of fu-ture challenges and find new solutions. Use your resources wisely and minimise risks. Build a solid foundation for your strategy.

You get to engage in strategic research – Create conditions for developing new products, services and business. Test the technological feasibility of new product and process concepts. Minimise economic risk by experimenting in a safe environment.

You can develop new products and services – Turn your ideas into reality. Make decisions based on scientific facts. Solve complicated technical problems. Take advantage of creative interdisciplinary pos-sibilities.

You get access to the latest technology (IPR and licences) – Complement your technology portfolio with existing intellectual property. Gain a competitive edge from new commercial applications of unique, protected technologies.


Kirsi Kotilainen
Solution Sales Lead

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