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Nordic Edge- bringing people together

Nordic Edge is a non-profit organisation working in close cooperation with private companies, munici-palities and city administrations to promote solutions for smarter cities and communities.

Based in Stavanger, Western Norway, but with an international look, Nordic Edge aims to be Northern Europe’s most important arena for accelerating the transformation from traditional industries to green, sustainable business development.

Nordic Edge has three branches:

Nordic Edge Expo: the leading Smart City event in the Nordics. Nordic Edge Expo is a unique meeting place for decision-makers, technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors with smart city ambitions. Here, the public sector meets private businesses and organisations to share experi-ences, discuss challenges and present solutions –

Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster: The Official Norwegian innovation cluster on smarter cit-ies and communities initiates and manages projects together with academia, start-ups, international corporations and municipalities. –

Nordic Edge Innoasis: our toolbox for innovation, piloting and competence.

The company’s ambition

Smart with a Heart – From locally Smart to Global Sustainability

The quest for a smarter city is all about making better communities to live in – more liveable urban spaces where citizen interests and well-being come first. We see technology as an enabler for change. However, the most important asset of a liveable and sustainable community is its people. At Nordic Edge we call this Smart with a Heart.

This echoes the Nordic model for city development and is the philosophy we navigate by.

Karine Næss Frafjord
Head of Nordic Edge Expo

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