Smart City solution

Sensative AB is a technology company that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) for cities and commercial property markets, empowering organizations with smart technology and advancing digitalization. Sensative has two
business areas; Yggio, the leading DiMS (Digitalization Infrastructure Management System) platform, and sensors in the iconic Strips form factor.

Yggio, designed to be an industry standard for any domain, simplifies digitalization, enabling customers to develop comprehensive IoT operations that leverage data collection to prioritize organizational efficiency, data ownership, scalability, and performance. A large number of cities, real estate companies, and utility companies have selected Yggio for connecting and digitizing their networks, operations, and properties. Yggio allows them to
choose technologies that integrate with their existing technologies to optimize operations, as well as digitalize internal processes, such as sustainability reporting, maintenance planning, and booking systems. Without Yggio,
they stand a chance of missing out on 40%-60% of the value of IoT.

The company’s ambition

The main problem that we address with our DiMS platform Yggio is the current digital fragmentation in smart cities & buildings (and other smart domains) caused by the usage of vertical end-to-end solutions resulting in

– Vendor, services & technology lock-ins
– Poor utilization and loss of control of data
– High cost to add new services or applications
– High cost to manage all things
– Poor innovation rate

Our iconic Strips sensors are a game changer since they don’t need to change batteries every 2nd year and that
other sensors fail to blend into the design of a home or building. Sensative Strips are considered “the architect’s

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