Andel Lumen A/S

Smart City solution

We deliver IoT-solutions related to street light management and other Smart City applications. Our so-lutions are based on the use of the Smart City Platform CityLinx in an ecosystem with our partners.

Among our current partners are Flashnet, that are delivering light management systems based on LoRa WAN connectivity and Novalume Solutions that are delivering light management systems based on Mesh technology. Apart from these, we are also integrating light management systems delivered by Telematics and more connections are expected in the near future.

For the time being, our customers are mainly Danish municipalities. We also integrate sensor technologies in our CityLinx platform, eg. within waste handling and traffic monitoring as well as environmental data monitoring. A further capa-bility is our ability to report and interact horizontally between different verticals.

The company’s ambition

As one of the largest energy companies in Denmark, Andel is committed to make a significant and last-ing impact on energy savings and thus supporting our customers to meet their ambitions of reducing their carbon gas emissions. We achieve this in a broad range of fields. Within the field of Internet of Things (IoT), we support our customers in achieving additional energy savings as well as reduced cost in their operations by promoting them to become more efficient. An important additional contribution is to increase the quality of living for the citizens in our customers municipalities. This is achieved in many ways, eg. by making parks more livable through motion controlled lighting, increasing pupils ability to learn by optimizing air quality in classrooms, reduce time spent to find a parking place, etc.

Morten Gjølstad Kristensen
Business Development Manager

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