Smart City solution

getUgo is offering a remote control or so called teleoperation solution that allows to con-trol any vehicle from miles away and gives an autonomous-like experience that is available al-ready today.

There are different applications of teleoperation technology e.g. first and last mile help for delivery robots; backup and support to all autonomous vehicles and shuttle buses; or allowing carsharing cars to be delivered to customer’s doorstep.

The teleoperation software operates over various networks (Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G etc.) and it has ultra-low latency (less than 10ms). It is cryptographically secure and highly scalable teleopera-tion solution for any vehicle in any industry.

Solution is a combination of getUgo teleoperations and Autoware’s open-source software for self-driving vehicles. getUgo remote control (teleoperations) solution can be equipped with many different vehicles including delivery robots, passenger cars, autonomous shuttles and more. Remote drivers can be located in a call center supporting many vehicles, miles away.

The company’s ambition

Teleoperation is a solution whereby a human operator can control a vehicle while not physically located inside the vehicle or in its immediate proximity – this allows to solve several different problems that our customers have.

getUgo technology can be used for autonomous vehicles – to backup their technology and to assist in complex situations they cannot solve problem on their own (unknown obstacle, abnormal situation).

Delivery robots and drones can autonomously navigate through a city, still cannot autonomously execute last-mile delivery

Remote control technology can also be very beneficial for carsharing companies as it would secure cost savings on human resources (less workforce needed for car relocation around a city or for getting it to charging station or serviced) and offer one step closer to robotaxi services, being able to deliver a car to client’s doorstep on demand.

Janis Upmanis

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