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Smart City solution VEFRESH (est.2019) is a non-profit organization established by local IT and tech companies to foster the smart city innovation ecosystem in Riga, Latvia. VEFRESH advocates for open innovation among companies in the Baltics as well as on the international stage. VEFRESH district has the largest concentration of IT talent and has one...
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Smart City solution MAK IT has created solution “City app” that facilitates the municipality's communication with its resi-dents and guests by offering important information in a convenient and easy-to-understand format (in a mobile app). Since the system consists of several blocks, every application can be tailored for each city separately, making it a unique support...
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Green and Smart Technology Cluster
Smart City solution The Green and Smart Technology Cluster is a member organization, that unites smart city and mobility companies, start-ups, universities, NGOs and other industry players under one roof – Future Mobility Latvia. Our members offer services, technologies, products and R&D related to E-Mobility, hydrogen mobility, smart cities and mobility, and micromobility. We can...
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Smart City solution getUgo is offering a remote control or so called teleoperation solution that allows to con-trol any vehicle from miles away and gives an autonomous-like experience that is available al-ready today. There are different applications of teleoperation technology e.g. first and last mile help for delivery robots; backup and support to all autonomous...
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Smart City solution Our core business is Energy management for Industrial energy users. We help them earn more by re-ducing their energy costs up to 30%. Our solution consists of self-made wireless, non-invasive, high pre-cision energy monitoring sensors and a self-made web-based data analysis platform. AI and algorithms find energy losses and offer an action...
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